Project Overview


During my time at Chase, I helped redesign the mobile and desktop experiences. Our goal was to redesign the rapidly aging mobile banking app with the desire to make it more relatable, and more human. It was during this time I was given the opportunity to explore how motion would fit into that experience. Most of the work was completed in a prototyping fashion using After Effects and some of the team's best developers.




At the time of the project, motion design for UI was scarce and there was no understanding of how it fit into the design process. Most of the work was completed similar to the current process; the team would discuss a business problem we had to solve, UX would draw up IA and wires, UI would iterate on design, and motion design would be considered through the discovery phase. 

When we had something we liked, we would speak to the leads in development and they would take a stab at making it happen. 

It went like this for a while, but as we got closer and closer to production, we asked ourselves; "How does this extend to the larger team?" The biggest challenge was set before us. Sure, the leads could build one or two custom animations, but not at scale.

We decided to work on a document which would illustrate all hero animations. It would be hosted on an internal system which allowed for quick assets to files and code with simple links. This allowed development to understand exactly how an animation would be built, how they were to be designed, and their function.


When Apple released iOS 7, most of the animations were thrown out so the team could focus on re-skinning to match the style. Although the project had to shift gears, there was so much work around the previous version that I kept it as a retrospective.


Motion Design for UI




  • Building a number of animations which must be understood and built by a large team, remote and local.
  • Working alongside a large team of designers
  • Working within numerous constraints and guidelines



  • The need to be patient and careful about how much is put into a product and when.



Client - Chase

Motion Design & Animation - Devon Stern