A black and white portrait of man with a shaved head and beard


Devon Stern is an accomplished self-taught motion designer and artist working in Los Angeles, specializing in emerging technologies and design systems.

He started his career as a designer at JPM Chase in 2011 before moving to Astro Studios in 2014, then to full-time freelance in 2016. He has worked on projects for Carnival Cruises, Proctor & Gamble, HTC Vive, PayPal, Nissan, StubHub and Google; where his expertise in motion design systems and creative experimentation helped to elevate brand storytelling and convey novel interactions.

Devon possesses an acute interest across many artistic fields including cinema, photography, music, and gaming. When he's not attending to clients' needs, he dedicates his time to research and creative experimentation. He has produced music videos, created VR games, designed experimental jewelry, dabbled in nature photography, and collaborated on live performances.

This insatiable curiosity and unconventional approach, coupled with his extensive experience in system design, enables Devon to effectively translate creative visions into tangible realities.
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