The Future Is Worn

Art Direction & Film Production
Devon Stern ✶ Havelock Studios

The Future is Worn is a music-driven fable created as the first piece in a larger body of work exploring what it means to mature as a species.

In the film we follow the character Sol; a astronaut-for-hire in self-imposed exile. In the extreme isolation of a distant and barren planet Sol desperately tries to avoid her debilitating anxiety and its root causes. But with the help and compassion of the benevolent phantom Spectra, Sol learns to see her faults as powerful tools.

The film is inspired by personal experiences with imposter syndrome and paralyzing depression, both prior-to and during the pandemic. Through visual metaphors, a psychedelic score, and a non-verbal narrative, the story of this experience is revealed. The result underscores the universal importance of self-love and self-understanding, for without it the future is worn.


Ken Jones - Sol

Stephanie Kim - Spectra

Adrian Rojas Elliot - Director

Brittany Bagwell - Executive Producer

Devon Stern - Producer, Writer, Art Director, Music, 3D artist

Devin Whetstone - Cinematography

Anne-Laure Dhooge - Editor

Paul Miller - Production Manager

Jason Brackett - Music Production

Mike Nickelson - Guitarist

Sasyk Mihal - Main title concepts

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Music Producing

Song Writing

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Fusion 360

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