Jacquard Garments

Visual & Motion Design

Jacquard is a digital/hardware platform developed at Google ATAP which integrates digital features into everyday objects. As a part of a brand refresh, Jacquard wanted to attract new partnerships while elevating the brand as both a capable partner and leader within the ambient computing space.

We designed a new brand system which speaks to the team’s thoughtful design and engineering capabilities, placing emphasis on collaborations, and communicating with users through uniquely expressive motion.

Jacquard elevates brands on the platform by curating spaces for these products and the unique experiences attached to them. Due to this relationship, the Jacquard brand is more subdued. This subtlety also translates into design.

Instead of emphatic graphic treatments which might draw attention from a partner product, Jacquard leans on expressive motion to communicate the characteristics of the brand. This allows the collaborators to work confidently alongside the brand while also giving it space to convey it’s own personality.

The Jacquard Motion Design system is a supplement to the Brand Book and was built alongside it during the redesign. Within the document are principles and guides for creating new animations based off the overall brand system.



Leonardo Guisti - Head of Design

Jeff Nassar - Product Design

Gilbert Van Citters - Sr Brand Design

Marina Matijaca - Sr Visual Design

Devon Stern - Sr Visual & Motion Design

Tools & Specialties

Visual Design

Motion Design

Brand Identity

Motion System

App Design

Marketing Design

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects



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