Mischief Capital

Visual & Motion Design
Mischief / Yung Studio

Mischief is a venture capital firm for founders willing to think outside the box, backed by three successful founders.

In a nod to their name, spirit, and target audience, we created a brand that stood out as much as the people who started it. The mischief brand is whimsy, quirky, and unexpected. Most of all, it’s meant to mirror the fun, crazy, anxiety inducing, and rewarding ride that comes with building a business.

I worked primarily on the graphic system where we enhanced the mischievous characteristics of the brand by blending familiar graphic motifs into new and absurd dimensions.



Lauren Farleigh - Co-founder

Zach Perret - Co-founder

Dustin Moring - Co-founder


Caleb Couturie - Copy

Melody Yung - Design

Michael Quinn - Strategy

Shea Sjoberg - Design

Yu Rong - Design

Devon Stern - Design, Motion, 3D

Sendistovan - Web Development

Tools & Specialties

Visual Design

Motion Design

Brand Identity

Web Design

3D Design

3D Illustration

Adobe Illustrator

Maxon Cinema 4D


Adobe After Effects